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Warranty Information

Important information on what’s included in your warranty

Tuning up

Your equipment likely has a parts warranty on it, provided by its manufacturer. When Family Plumbing & Heating installs your HVAC equipment, that comes with a labor warranty that stays active when you have it serviced annually. 

But warranties can’t cover everything, so it’s important to keep your plumbing, heating, and air equipment in tip-top shape. While we don’t require a precision tune-up every year, we highly recommend it. Tuning up these utilities annually will help them last longer and remain efficient over time, and save you money in the long run on repairs and fuel. And it will reduce the chance that costly and sometimes dangerous malfunctions will take place. Think of it like getting a regular oil change in your car!

Annual tune-ups are not included in purchase prices, but are highly recommended!

What’s included in your warranty? 

Included in your warranty are the following parts, along with the labor to replace them. The replacement of defective parts is limited to failure under normal use.

  • All non-wearable parts that are factory installed.
  • All components that are field installed (in other words, that Family installs) within the first year of installation.
    • If the equipment was installed by someone else, we will charge full price for repairs but will file the warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf, and then provide the refunded amount to you.

What is not covered by your warranty? 

  • Lack of heat or A/C due to not enough fuel or electricity
  • Parts damaged by power issues (e.g. brown outs, power spikes, or improper voltage)
  • Damage due to operator error (e.g. a thermostat not set correctly)
  • Parts damaged by water or high humidity
  • Parts damaged by an unlicensed repair person working on the unit
  • Parts damaged by poor water quality
  • Parts with an expected life (like tires and light bulbs) or are affected by external sources

What about these parts? How long is their warranty?

  • Hot surface igniters: 12 month warranty
  • Filters: no warranty
  • Belts: no warranty
  • Condensation trap or drain: no warranty
  • Geothermal solenoid valve: 12 month warranty

Some important notes:

  • Replacement parts have a 30 day warranty
  • A warranty processing fee will apply—call for further details
  • Energy cost is greatly influenced by living habits, individual use, and utility pricing; therefore, estimated energy savings are meant to serve as a guideline and not a guarantee

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